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Jios //

. : [N]ews du 14/06/2010 à 07:37 : .
Un patch 1.05 non officiel...

Non, Generals et son extension Heure H ne sont pas abandonnés, du moins pas par la communauté Russe qui a sorti hier un patch 1.05 non officiel apportant exactement 100 corrections et améliorations au jeu.

01. [Visual] Added new effect. Trees now can be set on fire with flame from other trees
02. [Visual] Improved residual effect of disintegration rockets from PDL
03. [Visual] Removed effects when building is set on fire, and taking damage from it
04. [Visual] Added thermal effect of air vibrations for all damaged buildings and for some units, when they have low HP level. Also Raptor, King Raptor, Aurora, Aurora Alpha and Migs have thermal effect of air vibration in area of theirs nozzles
05. [Visual] General promotions window has transparent substrate
06. [Visual] Added characteristic colour to the icons for GLA/China buildings and for GLA units
07. [ALL GLA] On the Command Center campfire added effect of air vibrations from a high temperature
08. [ALL GLA] Rocket buggy attack effect has been changed
09. [ALL GLA] Stinger Site attack effect has been changed
10. [ALL GLA] Scorpion Tank attack effect has been changed
11. [ALL GLA] RPG Trooper attack effect has been changed
12. [ALL GLA] Improved residual effect blowing up the demo trap
13. [ALL GLA] Decreased percent of Demotrap gradient clarity from 100% to 70%
14. [ALL GLA] Removed AP Bullets upgrade icon from Jarmen Kell
15. [ALL GLA] Graphically changed Jarmens Kel shooting, also now he has red trace when he has 3d chev
16. [ALL GLA] Fixed graphical mistake, when you want to shot with Jarmen and using another ability.
17. [Toxin] RPG Trooper and Stinger Site now have Anthrax Gamma icon
18. [ALL USA] Stealth Fighter attack effect has been changed
19. [ALL USA] Raptor and King Raptor attack effect has been changed
20. [ALL USA] Missiles Defenders attack effect has been changed
21. [ALL USA] TOW shooting on the air targets effect has been changed
22. [ALL USA] Fire Base shooting improved
23. [ALL USA] Reduced maximal angle of Fire Base Canon deviation from 40 degrees to 13
24. [ALL USA] Comanche Missile effect improved
25. [ALL USA] Now for Comanche ability Rocket Pods is activated pseudorandomness type of attack, instead of appointed pseudorandomness coordinates
26. [ALL USA] Patriot attack effect has been changed
27. [ALL USA] Changed graphical and sound effect of Particle Canon attack
28. [ALL USA] Graphically changed Particle Canon view, when it is ready for attack
29. [SWG] Activated blue impulse for EMP Patriot
30. [SWG] Added desintegration effect for EMP Patriot missiles
31. [SWG] Aurora Alpha icon improved
32. [ALL China] Improved firing effect for normal Fire and for Black Napalm fire for Dragon Tank
33. [ALL China] EMP bomb model has been changed
34. [ALL China] Added thermal effect of air vibrations for Barracks campfire, and for buildings structure
35. [ALL China] Tank Hunter attack effect has been changed
36. [ALL China] Mig attack effect has been changed
37. [Audio] Activated original voice for Chinook, when it gets killed
38. [Audio] Activated original Eva sound when Control Rods upgrade is finished

39. [Global] Reduced frequency level of Eva message about losing a unit from 15.0 s to 11.5 s
40. [Global] Reduced frequency level of Eva message about low energy level from 120 s to 20 s.
41. [Global] Reduced frequency level of Eva message when your enemy has built a Super Weapon from 30 s to 5 s.
42. [Global] Reduced frequency level of Eva message when someone put a beacon from 30s to 1 s
43. [Global] Speed of zooming with Numpad buttons, and speed of scrolling with keyboard cursor increased twice
44. [Global] Improved some descriptions about some units, buildings, upgrades and abilities.
45. [Global] In options you can see a correct version of a patch
46. [Global] Now you can see 1.05 in the replay header
47. [Global] In credits now you can see names of the 1.05 patch authors
48. [Global] Added new Shellmap
49. [Global] Maximum beacon number increased from 3 to 4
50. [Global] Increased HP level on 25% for some neutral buildings: Reinforcement Pad, Tech Repair Bay, Oil Refinery and Hospital
51. [Global] Added some maps in an official list: Tournament Desert Resurrection, Airport, Canyon of the Dead, Canyon Party, Frog Prince
52. [Global] Now you cant select a Spy Drone, but you still can attack it
53. [Global] From all GLA and China destroyed vehicles, which doesnt fly up in the air, now comes a burned pilot (with 30% probability)

54. [All GLA] Scud-bug fixed
55. [ALL GLA] Cash Bounty bug fixed. Now works without Command Center
56. [ALL USA] Humvee-bug fixed
57. [ALL USA] Supply Drop Zone & Microwave Tank bug (money-bug) fixed
58. [ALL China] Listening Outpost bug fixed
59. [ALL China] Frenzy bug fixed

GLA Factions:
60. [ALL GLA] Sneak Attack Tunnel now doesnt have attack option
61. [Tox] Rockets of RPG Trooper do not pursue air targets infinitely

USA Factions:
62. [ALL USA] Composite armour upgrade doesnt affect avanger no more
63. [ALL USA] Search and Destroy fire rate bonus reduced from 20% to 12%
64. [ALL USA] Ambulance healing ability decreased from 5 HP/sec to 4 HP/sec.
65. [ALL USA] TOW ground missile weapon damage cut from 30 to 20
66. [ALL USA] TOW now disappears in the air after 2.5 sec, instead of 10 sec
67. [ALL USA] Sentry Drone now costs $700
68. [ALL USA] Sentry Drone Gun upgrade price decreased from $1000 to $600 and now it takes 25 sec, instead of 30
69. [ALL USA] Scout Drone HP level decreased from 100 HP to 70 HP, and Battle Drone from 100 to 85
70. [ALL USA] USA Pilots now can get into civilian buildings
71. [ALL USA] Stealth Fighter missiles now can not be reflected by ECM tank
72. [SWG] Freezing effect time of EMP Patriot decreased from 10 sec to 3.8 sec
73. [SWG] EMP Patriot now can freeze own buildings
74. [SWG] Advanced Cold Fusion Reactor price reduced from 900 to $800
75. [SWG] Humvee price reduced from 850 to 800
76. [SWG] Aurora Alpha secondary attack reduced from 900 to 700, and its radius reduced from 70 to 55
77. [SWG] Particle Cannon price increased from $2500 to $3500
78. [Air] Humvee price increased from 800 to 850
79. [Air] Carpet Bomber now is available only on 3d General Promotions Level
80. [Air] Desintegration frequency level of rockets (PDL) for both King Raptor lasers increased from 1 flash in 0.25 sec, to 1 flash in 0.334 sec for each laser
81. [Air] Battle Chinook construction time increased from 20 sec to 37 sec
82. [Air] Comanche with stealth upgrade now lose this ability when its HP level is lower than critical (<35% HP). Also added a new visualization,
it looks like Comanche machinegun is damaged, and smoke comes from it
83. [Air] When Comanche has a low (critical) HP level (<35%) and if it has 2 or 3 chev it restores 2HP/sec. When its HP level is more than critical (more than 35%) Comanche HP will restore normally
84. [ALL Except Air] Chinook price reduced from $1200 to $1150

China Factions:
85. [ALL China] Added Speaker Tower to Propaganda Center. In the place where building has a tower
86. [ALL China] Nuclear Missile launch time reduced from 6.00 min to 5.30 min
87. [ALL China] Nuclear Missile Damage increased +10%
88. [ALL China] Dragon Tanks now more resistant to toxin. Damage from toxin now reduced from 25% to 15%.
89. [ALL China] All China supply trucks no longer drop Salvage Crate
90. [ALL China] Propaganda Center HP level increased from 1000 to 1500
91. [ALL China] Internet Center HP level increased from 2500 to 5000
92. [ALL China] Napalm Bomb and Nuclear Bomb for Helix upgrade researches faster, from 20 sec. to 10sec
93. [Nuke] Nuke carpet bomber launch time increased from 3.00 min to 3.30 min
94. [Nuke] Chain Gun upgrade researches faster and now is cheaper. From 45 sec. to 30 sec. and from $1500 to $1000
95. [Tank] Gatling tank hasn't got chev any more
96. [Tank and vChina] Added mew Generals Promotion "Chain Guns Hack Upgrade". For activating you need 1 Gen. Point. After activating this upgrade in Gen. Promotions Menu you should activate it in your War Factory. This upgrade in war factory costs 0$ and research time is < 1 sec. This upgrade increase damage on 12,5%
97. [Inf] Attack Outpost slots number reduced from 8 to 6
98. [Inf] Assault Helix slots number reduced from 8 to 6
99. [ALL Except Nuke] Black Napalm upgrade now is also available in airfields
100. [ALL Except Nuke] Carpet Bomb launch time increased from 2.30 min to 3.00 min

Attention cependant. Ce patch n'a été réalisé que pour les version anglaise et russe du jeu, et le fonctionnement correct n'est pas assurée sur votre version française. Avis aux amateurs!

- Voir la news. (Russe)

- Télécharger le patch (10Mo)


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. : [V]os commentaires : .
14/06/2010 à 08:50

Sacré patch !
14/06/2010 à 08:53


La preuve que la communauté de generals est toujours aussi vivante. Raison de plus pour EA de nous pondre un Generals 2
14/06/2010 à 09:21

Ce patch vient après le patch 1.06 de Gamereplays que TOW n'a pas signalé lors de sa sortie il me semble. Le patch russe apporte beaucoup d'ajouts "esthétiques" et certaines modifications sont franchement contestables. Pour ma part je trouve que le 1.06 est largement supérieur:
14/06/2010 à 17:46

Je le trouve bizarrement poussé pour les Chinois ce patch :s
14/06/2010 à 17:48

Euh ouai en effet il n'a quasiment aucun nerf comparé aux autres
14/06/2010 à 18:00

Normal, la Chine (et ses 3 généraux) est le camp le plus faible en 1.04!
14/06/2010 à 18:14

euh, Chine Vanilla, ok ! Mais le spécialiste char ou nucléaire, je trouve ca... limite ! ^^
17/06/2010 à 23:04

j'ai la version Fr...
donc peu "for me".
Beau travail tout de même !
18/06/2010 à 08:50

A priori il marche en version fr. C'était le cas pour les patch de Gamereplays.

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