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Chats Yuri's Revenge
Chats Yuri's Revenge  

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Chat du 16/10/2001


<MrMaGoO8> can you play tournies in custom match????????
<WSP-Dev> Battle Clans only

<MW[TMW]> Q: Is the team working on a YR patch already?
<WSP-Dev> We have no stinking bugs! Uhhh, just kidding...We have one and we have fixed it.

<Hawk> Any estimates on when the updated version of Final Alert 2?
<WSP-Dev> As soon as possible...

<LakerFan> What are some of the best combinations for the Battle Fortress?
<WSP-Dev> 2 Yuris, a virus, SEAL, and a chrono dude!

<Demo_Phantom> What are some of the teams strategies for leading an offensive with Yuri's army?
<WSP-Dev> Chaos drones, magnetrons, with Gattling Tanks for cover.

<bobsprite> Was the new soviet chopper meant to be used in mass or singularly?
<WSP-Dev> It was designed to be used in conjunction with supporting units.

<tanker107> <how do i win against Brutal CPU?
<WSP-Dev> Protecting your base, like walling-in your ConYard

<PostOffice> Where did the ideas for all the new units originate?
<WSP-Dev> Incredibly talented designers (and network guys had nothing to do with it)

<SteveInVegas> When I start a mission or battle, it seems to take a long time to load, Is this a common problem?
<WSP-Dev> If you have 2 or more CD drives, you need to have a CD in all of them (including Yuri's, of course :). This will be fixed in a patch.

<Aaron-RA2EXP> Hello Guys!! YR LOOKS COOL cant wait to get it!!:):) My question is in YR did you all do anything to the Kirov like make it faster,slower ect..?
<WSP-Dev> Thanks! The Kirov is much smarter and cooler now...It doesn't spin.

<wildangel26> What is the best defens?e tactic against a Yuri player?
<WSP-Dev> Robot Tanks & Terror Hero units!

<CrazyMunkey> Which hero unit is your favorite?
<WSP-Dev> Tanya's hot, Yuri's cool, and Boris is...uh, well, Boris.

<whitedragon> Why are there know Yuri single player missions???
<WSP-Dev> We wanted a common enemy.

<Heavyarms> What would be a good defense against prism tanks when playing as yuri???
<WSP-Dev> Great question! Lead off with Lasher to get Prisms shooting at them, then follow up with Chaos Drones or Master Mind.

<mouris> Q is red alert 2 released in UK England??
<Delphi-WS> It will be released on the 19th of October.

<Alien13UFO> So, are you guys planing on making another expansion pack?
<WSP-Dev> If our wonderful fans want one...

PRIZE ALERT! <Devinoch-WS> Congrats to dylnut and MystDaWolf -- they've each just won a copy of Emperor and a Yuri's Revenge T-shirt!

<MattoonGasser> Why did you decide to add new voices to existing units?
<WSP-Dev> More, fun personalities!

<fatbombx> why doesn't yuri have a service depot?
<WSP-Dev> Grinder, baby! He recycles.

<DreDDawg> Can you get any unit from the secret tech lab or just certain ones?
<WSP-Dev> It's scripted per map

<WolfsDragoons> So who do you think is hotter, Tanya or Lt. Eva???
<WSP-Dev> What's the matter with Zofia?!

<Kommander> Where did the character Yuri come from?
<WSP-Dev> Transylvania

<Kommander> what programs were used to model all of the characters and in-game movies?
<WSP-Dev> 3D Studio Max & Maya

<TheVoice> Was virus created in the image of one of your ex girlfriends?
? <WSP-Dev> What do you mean EX-girlfriend?

<RA2Oddesey-Tanay> as a female gamer, would you say that Yuris Revenge is suitable for female gamers?
<WSP-Dev> It's a game for EVERYone (over the age of 13)

<fLaK> Is the grand cannon still the best anti-tank structure?
<WSP-Dev> Psychic Tower is the best; tank bunker works great, too.

<ADM> What is the best strategy to get floating disks in to the enemies base and succesfully destroy them?
<WSP-Dev> 5 Floating Discs rule.

<fLaK> Is the grand cannon still the best anti-tank structure?
<WSP-Dev> Psychic Tower is the best; tank bunker works great, too.

<ADM> What is the best strategy to get floating disks in to the enemies base and succesfully destroy them?
<WSP-Dev> 5 Floating Discs rule.

<General_Stavros> Who on the dev team is the best at the game?
<WSP-Dev> Geoff F (programmer) won our Tourny as Yuri.

<Inchenzo> What was the hardest thing to implement into yuri's revenge?
<WSP-Dev> Slave Miner was a non-trivial task.

<Sidearms5> Are there any hidden extras in the missions?
<WSP-Dev> Rexy

<SteveInVegas> What is the best order to build a Base?
<WSP-Dev> Deploy the Con Yard; the rest is strategy. We recommend building multiple harvesters/refineries/slave-miners.

<hardice13> What does Yuri's tatoo symbol stand for?
<WSP-Dev> It's a branding that the Soviets gave to all pyschics.

<hey> what was the hardest part of making this expansion; unit wise?
<WSP-Dev> Balancing Yuri's new units with the original two sides.

<[CNCW]Cabal> What was the most interesting bug that was found during production??
<WSP-Dev> Dancing ballerina slaves!

PRIZE ALERT! <Devinoch-WS> Congrats to judhat and steimer! They've just each won a copy of Emperor and a Yuri's Revenge t-shirt!

<Gunsmoke220> What is this I hear about Force Fields? Are all sides capable of gaining this technology? If so, what are the requirements? Thanks!
<WSP-Dev> Yes, it's a timed superweapon off everybody's Battle Lab.

<thedenial> If any, what part of game developement do you find tedious?
<WSP-Dev> 15 nights of pizza in a row....from the same place.

<Camelmaster> How did you manage some of the new code, like Boris calling in airstrikes?
<WSP-Dev> airstrike.cpp line 400 has more info.

<BSilenced> Do you think Yuri's Revenge Unites are properly balanced or do you see fan pressure causing some units to gain or lose some power?
<WSP-Dev> We spend a lot of time balancing units...and by reading the forums, everybody thinks each unit is the most powerful, which is what we intended. It'll take a while before players explore all combos and tactics. Please keep playing and giving us feedback (positive, please :)

<Delphi-WS> LOL! Thanks for stopping by guys!

<WSP-Dev> Thanks for all the great fan support!!!!

end of chat.....

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